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Your dream wedding, surrounded by flowers – wedding floristry at Freya Floristics Eventdesign.


We understand that your wedding is a very special day where your love should be reflected in every detail. At Freya Floristics Event Design we are proud to offer you bespoke wedding floristry that expresses your love and personality in a unique way.


Our experienced wedding floral experts will work closely with you to understand your vision for this momentous day and transform it into beautiful floral arrangements. Whether you dream of a romantic garden wedding, an elegant vintage celebration or a modern and chic ceremony - we have the flowers, the know-how and the passion to make your dreams come true.


Our wedding floristry is a mix of creativity and precision. We select the most beautiful flowers to perfectly complement your wedding colors and theme. From stunning bridal bouquets to impressive table settings and floral arches, every detail is carefully planned to make your wedding unforgettable.


Your wedding is a story of love, and flowers are the language of that love. Let's tell your wedding story together in flowers. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke wedding floral arrangements and make your big day even more special.

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