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Boho Hochzeit
Boho Hochzeit Frankfurt
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Tischdekoration grün-altrot
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Tischdekoration grün-weiß
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Bezaubernde Braut mit Hochzeitsstrauß
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Bezaubernder Brautstrauß
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Christina O´Connor

Freya Floristics

Christina Werth -Freya Floristics Eventd

Christina Werth,

Creative visionary and floristry expert

About Christina: Christina Werth is not only a floral artist, but also an award-winning florist and the creative soul behind Freya Floristics event design.

With a passion for flowers that began in her childhood, she has grown into one of the most outstanding floristry personalities of her generation.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Winner of the renowned Fritz Hoffman Cup, an award in the floristry industry.

  • Awarded as best florist in the class of 2013.


Social media presence:

It is widely known and recognized, not only in Germany but internationally. She has showcased her talent in various film productions and media platforms, making her a sought-after expert in the floristry world.

International projects: Through her creative excellence and commitment to floral art, Christina Werth has received numerous international commissions for exclusive events and projects. Her work has received worldwide recognition and enthusiasm

People across borders.

Christina Werth is more than a florist – she is a floral storyteller, creating unforgettable floral masterpieces through her artistic vision and commitment to perfection. Her unique creations reflect the beauty and diversity of nature and transform events into magical experiences.

Contact Christina and her team at Freya Floristics Event Design,

to turn your event into a blooming work of art

to transform that enchants all the senses.

What can we do for you


Welcome to the blooming world of event floristry at Freya Floristics Eventdesign!


Our passion for flowers and our expertise in event design merge in the magical world of event floristry. We pride ourselves on enhancing your special moments with stunning floral creations and creating unforgettable experiences


Your dream wedding, surrounded by flowers – wedding floristry at Freya Floristics Eventdesign.


We understand that your wedding is a very special day where your love should be reflected in every detail. At Freya Floristics Event Design we are proud to offer you bespoke wedding floristry that expresses your love and personality in a unique way.


Blooming elegance for your business world – business floristry from Freya Floristics Eventdesign.


We firmly believe that the environment in which you work and receive your guests has a significant impact on the well-being and success of your company. At Freya Floristics Eventdesign we are proud to offer bespoke business floristry and interior design for offices, hotels, spas and wellness facilities.



Freya Floristics Eventdesign
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Hermannstrasse 3
67547 Worms

Tel: +49 152 31332767



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